Public Speaker

A qualified public speaking instructor and former speech and drama teacher, Neil remains one of the most popular public speakers in Singapore.

Whether he’s telling undergraduates about the importance of risk-taking, via his surreal life journey, or discussing his writing process with secondary students, Neil loves to entertain his audience.

Neil… Public Speaker

Neil is adamant that a fact might be remembered, but a funny story will never be forgotten. That’s why his unique, quirky style appeals to all ages.

Motivational talks; risk-taking; the value of the arts in Singapore; creative writing; becoming an author; penning a best-seller; writing in different genres; the media scene in Singapore; how to promote a book in the digital age or simply chronicling his inspirational journey from working-class kid to international best-selling author, Neil has been asked to speak about dozens of different subjects. And he gets asked back most of the time!

If you’d like Neil to speak at your school, college or university, just contact him