Saving a Sexier Island


Singapore has been evolving at a blistering pace and old Singapore is in danger of being left behind. As the nation celebrates its fiftieth anniversary, Neil heads off on a tour of Old Singapore to find the sights and sounds that are at risk of being overlooked, forgotten or bulldozed. He walks, rides, swims and snorkels across land and sea, taking in distant islands and bluish lagoons. He paddles with otters, ventures into haunted hospitals and suffers an unfortunate slip with a tanned teenager in a sarong.

Saving a Sexier Island

What they say

“Not afraid to be critical, but also clearly affectionate about the people of our crazy little republic, Neil’s work is always astute and filled with generous humour.”

Colin Goh, filmmaker

“We should do a Neil Humphreys Musical. It would be completely Singaporean, in Singlish, absolutely irreverent but at the heart of it, true.”

Hossan Leong, actor


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