Premier Leech


Neil's second novel, Premier Leech, tackles the greed, sleaze and corruption tarnishing the English Premier League. No footballer's wife is off-limits, no bung is ever turned down and no corrupt businessman is ever denied the chance to buy into the money-making machine. Scott, an Essex boy and club captain of his EPL side, has a pop star wife, millions in the bank and is adecent season away from an England cap.

Until he sleeps with his best mate's wife.

His attempts to keep the scandal out of the tabloids and tweets are not helped by his media-savvy manager trying to finalise a club takeover with a dodgy Saudi businessman who wants to buy into the EPL so he can sleep with Cockney blonde hookers. Can Scott keep his affair out of the headlines? Just how much is the modern EPL footballer willing to sacrifice to stay in the game?

Premier Leech

What they say

“Humphreys magnificently scrapes his studs down the shin of football.”

Tony Grounds, writer of All In The Game, The Dinner Party and The Martins

“I tried not to put names to the characters, all imaginary of course! It’s riotous read.”

Ken Loach, legendary director of Kes, The Wind That Shakes The Barley and Looking for Eric

“Hugely enjoyable. Premier Leech has the stamp of authenticity.”

Martin Kelner, The Guardian

“When I was a kid, the best thing to come out of Dagenham was an Escort Mexico … And now this book. Come on!”

Actor/writer Nick Frost

“Hugely entertaining.”

Jimmy McGovern, writer of The Street and Cracker


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