Notes from an even smaller island


From the aunties in the hawker centres to expats dressed as bananas, from Singlish to kiasuism, and from Singaporeans at home to Singaporeans abroad, Humphreys explores all aspects of Singaporean life, taking in the sights, dissecting the culture and illuminating each place and person with his perceptive and witty observations.

Written by someone who is at once both insider and outsider, the book is wonderfully funny and disarmingly honest portrait of Singapore and its people.

Notes from an even smaller island

What they say

"The book presents a warts-and-all view of the city-state and celebrates many of the things most often criticised."

BBC World

"He pokes fun at Singaporeans but rather than bristle at his observations, you are likely to twitch with mirth. The ribbing is always cushioned by good-natured quips often sprinkled with hilarious anecdotes."

The Sunday Times

"A thoroughly enjoyable read on the virtues (Or hazards) of living in Singapore through the eyes of a 6 foot 4 inch Briton whose style is so disarmingly honest, you will laugh at the things you once considered the bane of existence Decidedly Singaporean, distinctly British."

Singapore FHM

"Humphreys' laugh-aminute self-deprecating manner makes this book very entertaining … No punches pulled. Bravo!"

Malaysia’s Sunday Star


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