Complete notes from Singapore


Ten years after the incident happened, Neil ended up right back where he started: introducing a book that includes a semi-naked landlady.The only difference was there were now three titles in one volume. Released in 2007, Complete Notes From Singapore was the dumpwee box set (read the books for dumpwee explanation).

Neil was reluctant to release an omnibus edition because it had "cash-in" written all over it, but it was reader driven.

The books' distributor decided to release a few three-in-one packs and they sold in their thousands; sold out, in fact.

Neil was delighted to have his own packet of three, but the packaging was fiddly for the distributor, the book-seller and the buyer, so Neil agreed to an omnibus only if he could offer extra stuff, including a new introduction, an epilogue to bring the story up to date in Australia and some pictures of half-naked ladies.

He believes there is no other series of books that begin in Dagenham, travel through Singapore and end up in Geelong. If there is, he wants to read it immediately.

Neil initially wanted to do a George Lucas and create a director's cut by beefing up the funny bits and deleting all the crap bits. If nothing else, he was rather keen on removing several of the 27,000 "fucks" littered in Scribbles.

In the end, he left well alone. Why edit stories involving midnight funerals, 'cuckoo birds' and killer dogs anyway?

Complete notes from Singapore


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