Be My Baby


WHEN Neil told his mother he was having his first baby, she suggested he should "write his usual bollocks" and turn the journey in to a daddy's diary.Almost a year later, in November 2008, Be My Baby (On the Road to Fatherhood) was released in Singapore and across South-east Asia.It will be launched in Australia in early 2009.

Being an eager first-time parent, Neil hit the bookstores and libraries and noticed that many of the titles were written from the mother's perspective and he wasn't having that.There's always room on the bookshelf for a sentimental journey to fatherhood from a soppy first-time dad, he thought. There are tears, laughs and far too many trips to the toilet, but Neil insists that it is one journey that every man and woman should try and take at least once in their lifetime.

Book Bits :

1. Neil still didn't have a name for his baby girl until a day after she was born.

2. Neil's wife again took the cover photograph after he complained about all the painting and decorating involved in preparing a nursery.

3. He still calls his daughter a "little heifer".

4. Be My Baby was the longest book to write, for obvious reasons, but the quickest to read.

5. Yes, it really is the same shirt as all the other previous covers. Neil keeps it purely for sentimental reasons now, honestly, and only wears it on his book covers.


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