Meet Neil

Neil Humphreys grew up on the world’s biggest council estate in Dagenham, England. His mum threw him into a nursery class and ordered him to fit in, so he took all his clothes off and asked to ride the rocking horse. When they told him to strip for P.E., he didn’t realise the underpants stayed on.

From such an inauspicious beginning, Neil went on to become one of the best-selling authors in Asia, a popular media columnist and broadcaster and an engaging public speaker. He’s also a keen environmentalist and a proud WWF-Singapore ambassador. More importantly, he no longer takes off his underwear in public.

In 2016, Neil released Rich Kill Poor Kill, the second crime thriller in his Inspector Low series. Rich Kill Poor Kill was short-listed for the Singapore Book of the Year Prize.

Public Speaker

A qualified public speaking instructor and former speech and drama teacher, Neil remains one of the most popular public speakers in Singapore.

Whether he’s telling undergraduates about the importance of risk-taking, via his surreal life journey, or discussing his writing process with secondary students,

Neil loves to entertain his audience.

NLB Ambassador


Neil has written and hosted documentaries for Channel NewsAsia and is a regular contributor on football and current affairs shows.

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